Which kitchen worktop should I choose?

Kitchen granite countertops color samples lined up
granite countertop with fruit on it

Granite - A popular choice for kitchen tops and is stylish and luxurious. Pros - Hard wearing, easy clean, antibacterial, heat resistant. Cons - Heavy, can be expensive, requires templating.

Quartz - A man made alternative to traditional granite which can give a more contemporary look and can be more customisable. Pros – Huge range of colours, easy clean, antibacterial, hard wearing. Cons - Heavy, can be expensive, requires templating.

Black Granite Kitchen

Wood – Hardwood is a great solution, but can be high maintenance. Oil twice a year to minimise stains and damage and be prepared to tread carefully when using it. However, you can use it for smaller areas and it develops a beautiful patina over time. Pros – cheaper than stone, looks fabulous. Cons – Scratches and stains, requires maintenance, requires templating.

Laminate – Versatile and cost effective, there are some newer finishes such as Urbantop - a flexible laminate top that matches Deane kitchen door colours, that have end grains which look great, and other finishes like concrete and cabinet matched colours that make this a good choice, however, there is a vast variation in quality. Pros – Cheap, antibacterial, easy clean, easy maintenance, scratch and heat resistant, can be fitted with the kitchen. Cons – Can be poor quality and scratch easily.


Composite – A resin material such as Corian, Hi Macs and Encore, Minerva. They can be seamless and some even smoothly integrate the sink. Pros – No joins visible, vast range of colours, can be moulded to any shape. Cons – can scratch easily, not heat resistant, expensive, requires templating.

Note – Minerva is a fit on site option, so no templating or waiting.

kitchen mixer tap and sink