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Home improvement isn’t always as straightforward as we would like. Small details can pull a room together or cause the whole feel of the room to fall apart.  To make matters worse, each room in a house requires its own distinct approach and set of rules that must be considered, in addition to keeping in mind how the room fits into the house’s aesthetic as a whole. As a result, things like finishing touches on a kitchen door can cause a décor disaster or be the linchpin in the house’s look.  As far as the kitchen door goes, the divide usually comes when choosing between a matt finish and a gloss finish.  While either are a totally valid choice of finish for a kitchen door (and most other kitchen surfaces) each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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Qualities of Gloss Finishes

These provide a shiny and reflective effect, giving surfaces a sheen that stands out particularly well and reflects light back into the room. The effect of this is very similar to that of mirrors, causing the kitchen to feel bigger and come across elegant.  The gloss door would also provide a modern twist to your kitchen as generally the doors are opted without handles providing clean lines. This would also mean you to be more likely to be careful whilst opening the doors.  Furthermore, the gloss finish is easier to maintain cleanliness, due to its solid and even nature.  Dirt and grime would not have the ability to get into and cling to grooves and cracks found normally in detailed surfaces therefore are easily wiped clean.  As the door is the first thing a person sees when entering a room, keeping a clean door is essential to having a clean feeling kitchen.  Though there are many positives to the gloss door, it does come with its flaws. As the kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in the house, should the door be knocked, scratches and chips are easily noticed and more than likely expensive to repair. 

Qualities of Matt Finishes

The matt finish is an opaque, smooth finish for kitchen surfaces, and while less reflective than the gloss finish, still entertains an understated elegance. One advantage of the matt finish is that it is, on average, more durable than the gloss finish, meaning it will last longer and buffer damage like scratches much more reliably. This is a great quality to have, and the sleek feel of the matt finish makes it so that the door feels less like a barrier and more inviting. The matt finish is highly reliable and resilient to everyday use, not to mention as the doors do not hold the highly reflective nature of the gloss, would also not show fingerprints should small hands get close!

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All in all, which type works best for a specific kitchen is not down to which door is right but which door is right for you. Both finishes bring a sense of style to a kitchen that is hard to ignore if it comes direct from you. Request samples where possible to compare what would look and feel best for you in the kitchen. Don’t forget you can request the advice of any of our designers who will do their best to make sure you come to a decision that works best for you! you can also view our full kitchen range here for further ideas.


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