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Whether you are looking for custom fitted bedroom furniture, a kitchen or a bespoke furniture in your study there are many benefits to choosing bespoke furniture over cheaper alternatives.


This month we have listed our Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Furniture.

1; Custom Options

It is common knowledge that bespoke furniture provides more design and style options than standard off the shelf products, but just how much choice is there? 

At Deane, we have a large selection of patterns and colours to mix and match to your own style, so the choice is endless. Whether you want to add contrasting furniture into your room or want to add a subtle understated look both can be achieved when choosing bespoke furniture.

From many wood grains through to the more modern muted colour pallets you can make your bespoke furniture fit your style needs in a way you would simply not find from off the shelf alternatives.


2; Use of Space

With the option to make your furniture bespoke in the style you also have the added benefit of making your furniture bespoke in size. 

This is a huge benefit when considering the space you wish to fill. If you look to fill an alcove with a fitted wardrobe then you would find it near impossible to find a standard sized option that makes use of all of space. With bespoke furniture, the units are custom made to your unique size, allowing you to utilise 100% of space.

As well as benefiting from a made-to-measure service you can also choose the way the interior is designed, for the best use of storage. As your needs are almost certainly different from others this allows you to create a space that is individual to you and is built to your own requirements.


3; Improve Your Lifestyle

With bespoke furniture that fills the space and makes the best use of space then surely you are going to get more out of it, right? Why struggle for storage when you can solve the problem easily and effectively with bespoke furniture.

Interiors are commonly overlooked. Just imagine an interior that understands your needs and positions the most commonly used items at the start and the seasonal wear out of the way. Where you can dictate the exact space needed for long clothes and the height of the shoe shelves you require. 

With bespoke furniture, you can make your furniture work for you, improving your storage potential, making it easier for you. 

custom fitted wardrobe

4; Put Your Stamp On It

There’s no better feeling than having something that is unique to you, bespoke furniture is no different. With custom options making better use of your space and improving your lifestyle there is a great feeling in knowing you have designed your furniture yourself.

Adding unique touches like individual handles and lighting can truly personalise your furniture, making it unique to you. 

custom fitted wardrobe

5; Investment

Fitted furniture is always a great option to have when selling a house but did you know that it also adds value to the house? 

With more and more new homes being built without sufficient storage you would certainly be in a profitable position if you have fitted furniture built into your home.


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