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The shabby-chic, fitted bedroom style is as in demand today as ever before. A very popular style shabby-chic is one which creates comfy and cozy spaces, perfect for any home design.

Here is a quick and handy guide to adding shabby chic touches that will take your bedroom to the ultimate level of comfort and style. 


For starters, let’s pin down what the shabby-chic style is all about. Think simplicity and downplayed designs that are coupled with light and breezy colors and fabrics. White washed walls are quite indicative of the shabby-chic style that many hope to create in their bedroom layouts.

Other colours popular of the shabby-chic style include pale pink, baby blues and other soft pastels, various shades of grey and the occasional pop of bold color.

Perhaps the easiest way to employ the shabby-chic style in a fitted bedroom is to use a classic pattern such as a shaker door, mixed with a pale cream color. Mix this design with corresponding natural coloured fabrics and the basis of the shabby-chic style is made.

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Subtle shabby chic fitted wardrobe arrangements or other under-stated ideas are also characteristic of the shabby-chic style and work great in the bedroom. Creating a comfy bespoke headboard which incorporates a simple choice of materials is a great way to add a personal and shabby-chic touch to a bedroom. It is also an easy alternative to buying off-the-shelf, mass manufactured headboards that can look out of place with a shabby-chic designed bedroom style. 

Another area to make sure you cover if you’re going for that shabby-chic fitted bedroom design is to remember the importance of accented accessories.

These might include draped fabric, shutters, crystal chandeliers, and chipped paint mirrors. Mixing styles on these accessories or even contrasting soft creamy whites with bold coloured items is a great way to easily achieve that shabby-chic look without overloading your bedroom style with too many conflicting designs. Nautical touches like shells and accessories are very characteristic of a shabby-chic design as many beach cottages and homes love to use the shabby-chic style not only in their bedrooms but in the majority of the house. 


If you are looking for some ideas on how to use the shabby-chic design in your bedroom, try out these tips. 

For example, a simple shaker or classic design pairs very well with pale shades and give a perfect shabby-chic look to a bedroom design. Or, try your hand at using a distressed driftwood vinyl with a soft pastel color, like baby blue. This is another easy way to add some shabby-chicness to your bedroom without too much hassle. 

Above all, it is important to remember that achieving a shabby-chic fitted bedroom design is highly dependent upon the person designing it. Some tend to lean more towards shades of pink that speak of antique elegance whereas a masculine design is more apt to choose to mix of greys and darker accents to achieve the shabby-chic style. No matter what you choose there is a vast array of possible options to create you perfect bedroom look. 


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