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With more new homes being built than ever before small bedrooms are more common than ever before. Therefore, it is more important than ever to maximize the space available by using simple yet clever methods of de-cluttering. 


Although the most prominent piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed, it is not always the easiest obstacle to work around and therefore, valuable space is wasted. Here are some small ideas to increase the size of your bedroom.

Reducing the size of your bed

All of us would like to have a large king-sized bed, but the question is do you need one? You will almost certainly reduce the size of your bed if you know how much space you would free up by opting for a small bed. 

Clear Unnecessary Furniture

Freestanding furniture uses a lot of floor space. You can be tempted to go for a 3 piece set comprising of a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside units, but do you need them all? A simple made to measure sliding wardrobe would provide ample storage potential while taking a fraction of the floor space. This will give your bedroom more space and the room would look more spacious visually. In addition, less furniture means a lot more natural lighting into your space. 

Using a Futon

Try using furniture that is multifunctional. A futon provides a sofa and bed in one. This is a good option for spare rooms and small apartments where space is at a premium. You can also use a sofa bed that is formal in appearance. 


Organising Your Wardrobes

Storage closets need to be well-organized and every vertical space should be used efficiently. The more you store in your closet, the fewer items you have in your bedroom area. Using custom options such as double rails, built in drawers and shoe storage you can easily store everything you have in less than half of the space of a standard alternative. 

Adding Storage To Your Walls

Use open stanchion shelving in order to remove bookshelves, furniture units off the floor and onto the walls. Shelving on walls can work wonders for a small room. Hanging shelves higher up near the ceiling makes the room appear tall and maximizes your storage space. 

Using Light Colours

Light shades and colours reflect natural light more than dark or bold colours, and make the room feel large and airy. Stick to neutral colours or white otherwise the room can appear unappealing.  


Add space on each side of the bed

By putting your bed flush against a wall you actually make your room feel more cramped. Leave some open space on both the sides, it actually allows more light to infiltrate the area and gives you space for a bedside table. 

Blinds and Curtains

Blinds take up less space in the window while letting in more light. Blinds are also more affordable and provide the same amount of privacy as conventional curtains. 

Using Mirrors

Mirrors are know to help circulate light and provide the position of more space. Go for a large mirrored wardrobe directly across from the window or beside it. The mirrors will help in reflecting natural light, gives an illusion of a second window and brightens your space, making the room feel bigger. 


Using one or all of these ideas can help increase the size of your bedroom and create a living space which provide a simple and effective way of life.


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