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At Deane, we make a bedroom ideal for the user. This is why we pay close attention to the needs and wants of each client before a design is even started. We understand the unique requirements needed and use the available space to create a storage solution which fits wit their lifestyle. Everything is taken into account, from wardrobes and interior fittings through to bedside drawers and dressing tables.


Dressing tables are becoming popular once more as they are the perfect location for you to get ready before you start the day or before a big event. As well as giving you a space to get ready it can also hold all of your cosmetics and add to to the look and feel of your bedroom.

The problem is that you probably have a lot of things that are just strewn across the table without any sort of organization. This is how things get lost and you really want to make sure that you have everything that you need right at your fingertips. Otherwise, you are going to lose valuable time. 

Organising your dressing table can feel like a big job but thanks to these tips, organising the table is going to be incredibly easy.

You likely have a ton of smaller items like bobby pins, small clips, and other small items that are spread around. Find small containers that can fit all of these items in them that look stylish enough to fit the décor of the space. This will keep your small items together in one neat place so that you do not have to go crazy finding these items. It’s a simple tip but you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by making it easy for yourself.


A lot of people have a substantial makeup collection. This is great for your style selection but not so great for your dressing table if you lack any sort of organisation for your space. The easiest solution here is to opt for a drawer organiser for your dressing table. At Deane, they can create drawers with segments and trays to clearly divide and organise your collection.


You have probably had more than one occasion where you were struggling with trying to untangle a mass of necklaces. If you use a corkboard and some pins in the area of your dressing table, this is one less thing cluttering up your table. Not only that, this will keep the necklaces untangled and showing you all of your options so that you can try a few on to see which option works best for you.


With the selection of clever organisers from Deane you can hold things like your scarves, thicker necklaces and even some hairbands in your wardrobe, creating an uncluttered look. This will help to keep these items from getting all tangled up and also help you to keep a better eye on what you have. This can be essential to getting ready a lot quicker. This means that you can have more time to relax before your day.

A dressing table can offer a great space to have all of their makeup and accessories organised so that you know exactly where everything is. Plus, decluttering your cosmetics can save on stress and improve your lifestyle; so organising this space is really a great idea.


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