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Any parent that has a teenager understands just how difficult it can be. The requirements of a modern day teenager change almost by the day. With previous interests seemingly redundant the need to create a functional storage space which suits their style is harder than ever. This is why many parents opt for a custom solution that fits the needs and aspirations of their kids while choosing a style which is both modern and stylish.

With new trends appearing almost seasonally it makes it a bit difficult when it comes to designing the space for your teenager. Fortunately for you, there are quite a few tips that you can follow to create the perfect space for your teenager.


Every teenager has their own unique style that should be respected during the designing process. Even if you don’t agree with it, it should be respected even if you have to negotiate a compromise that works for everyone. Give your teen the chance to try expressing their style here. This can be a pivotal moment in your teen’s life and it can certainly help them through this difficult life stage transition.

There are first the logical things to think about. Depending on the space, you first need to maximise their space so that it is an environment that can fit all of their things, that is conducive to studying, and relaxation. Teenagers typically have smaller rooms and often have a lot of clothes that all need to be put away neatly. Choosing the right custom fitted furniture is really essential here. 

First of all, you need to think about something like a nice desk with storage shelves on it. This will give them a place to do their school work and study as well as a space for recreational use. You should also utilize the space to get over the desk storage as well as storage under the bed to help organise the space better. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are a great solution for any teenagers bedroom, which also helps to maximize the storage in this space. These are things that will give more free space on the floor for your teen to really sprawl out, especially if they have friends over.


The teenage room is a versatile space, probably more so than any other room of the house. They entertain guests, study, read, sleep, and just relax in this space. This is a major thing to think about when you are designing this space.  There are fitted furniture options that will really help you to achieve the best space possible for your teenager. 

Teenagers are making the tricky transition between childhood and adulthood. This transition can be difficult enough so you should do what you can to ease things on them. This means giving your teenager a space that they can feel comfortable in that is as unique as they are. This is your chance to watch your teenager’s personal style grow and this is something that should be accepted. They do not have a lot of freedoms in life so compromising on a stylish but functional space for them to call their own is one of the best things that you can do for them.


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