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Home Improvement Ideas: Add Value to Your Home

If you’re in the property development industry or just haven’t found your forever home yet, there are a number of home improvements you can implement to add value to your property or home. 

Improvements don’t have to include extravagant extensions or a complete redesign of your entire property, with many affordable and easily accessible options available that can increase the value of your investment massively. Here at Deanes, we are specialists in home improvements, covering a variety of services, price points, and requirements, allowing you to transform your home without reinventing the wheel.

Read this article to discover some home improvement ideas you may look to implement and how you can add value to your home with stylish and luxurious bedroom and home office improvements.

Value in Style

Although cosmetic issues such as poor paintwork, scuffed flooring, or chipped skirting boards may not decrease the value of your home massively, it could be a factor that contributes to viewers making the leap or choosing a different property two roads along.

The longer it takes to sell your home, the more likely it is for experts to recommend reducing the price, showing the value held in a stylish and aesthetically pleasing property. Remember house viewings are a chance to make a great first impression, allowing attendees to envision their new life.

You don’t want to leave yourself out of pocket with your renovations, especially if you are considering moving in the near future, which is where you can benefit from our services.

Bedroom Upgrades

The first home improvement idea we are going to discuss is our custom-fitted bedroom furniture services, allowing you to create a unique space that is original to your home, offering made-to-measure bedroom wardrobes and all other types of furniture.

If you aren’t planning on moving out of your property anytime soon, installing a custom bedroom design will not only improve your daily living, adding extra organisation and comfort, but it can also benefit you in the long term, making the initial investment more than worth it.

Choosing Deanes to complete your bedroom improvements will ensure a 5-star, industry-leading finish made from the best materials, fitted by expert installers, and designed by experienced design specialists. Our quality is made to last, meaning that even if you decide to sell years down the line, quality will still shine through and put you ahead of the other options that potential buyers may have.

Luxury Fitted Wardrobes

Increase your storage options and elevate the overall look and environment of your bedroom with our luxury fitted wardrobe services, providing you with bespoke wardrobes measured to the exact millimetre of your bedroom.

The process is simple, contact our team to arrange a time and date to come into our showroom, where our design specialists will go through every aspect and consideration that could possibly go into your bedroom design, ensuring you can obtain the look and feel of your dreams. 

We will be with you at every step of your journey, from creating the perfect design and instalment to aftercare and any initial issues that may arise.

Affordable Sliding Wardrobes

Those looking for a quicker turnaround, especially those in the property development industry, may prefer our affordable sliding wardrobe options, offering a lower-cost solution that retains the top-quality design and fitting processes.

Our affordable wardrobe options give you the best of both worlds, combining quality with low prices, with options starting from just £999. Adding a refresh to your bedrooms with our services can increase property value, by creating a new, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing look, allowing your tenants or buyers to move straight in without the hassles of redecorating.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Like many people, you may dream of having a walk-in wardrobe custom-made to your exact requirements, but you may be wondering, does a walk-in wardrobe add value to your home? The answer is yes. If implemented properly, walk-in features can add massive value and wow factor to your home, giving it that cutting edge that may speed up the deal and get the process over the line.

The desire to have walk-in wardrobes has increased massively over the years, with the need to add luxury and convenience to properties growing. Our walk-in wardrobe offerings allow for the design to be unique to your lifestyle, with an exact plan of where your clothes, shoes, and accessories will be, making the process of getting ready and piecing the perfect outfit together much easier and quicker.

The uncommon nature of walk-in wardrobes will put you ahead of most other houses on the market, as well as give your property a luxurious and expensive feel, giving viewers another attraction that will make them want that house.

If you’re interested in implementing a walk-in wardrobe, you certainly won’t be left short of serious interest. Contact our team now to discuss your preferences, design ideas, and how you can get the process started. 

Here at Deanes, we can help you create the perfect walk-in wardrobe, delivering results like no other!

Home Office Improvements

Another home improvement idea that will add real value to your property is installing a dedicated home office.

Working from home and flexible working patterns are becoming more popular as time goes on, with thousands of people in the UK opting to work from home rather than complete the long commute to the office. It has been reported that homeowners have seen increases of up to 10% in the value of their home from the addition of a bespoke home office, and like with all of our services, you can be assured that quality, efficiency, and service are at the forefront of our minds. 

Furthermore, for those looking at longer-term investments, a home office can not only add value to your property, but it can also add value to your work life, increasing productivity, creativity, and focus.

Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to some of the most effective and affordable home improvement ideas possible. Transform your property developments or speed up the buying process of your family home by incentivising buyers and helping your property stand out from all the other homes on the market.

Quality, style, and aesthetics can go a long way to adding exponential value to your home or property without spending months redesigning and rebuilding entire projects, saving you time and money. Are you interested in any of the services we have mentioned? Get in touch with our team now to get started.


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