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How Do You Furnish Alcoves?

Alcoves are a beautiful feature that add a level of character and personality to you home; whether they’re big, small, uneven, or perfectly symmetrical – furniture ideas for alcoves are the perfect way to add fitted furniture or feature pieces that truly show off your style.

But the question is – how do you furnish an alcove in a way that adds “umph” without losing out on precious floorspace and storage opportunities? Furniture ideas for alcoves are often a simple bookshelf or armchair; but with the right designs and some creative thinking, you can completely change the look and feel of your home!

Read our latest furniture ideas for alcoves for some inspiration on how to reinvent your space, increase storage, and combine style with function. Don’t forget – you can always have a chat with us direct if you’d like to discuss your interiors and plan the perfect fitted furniture designs for your home.

Fitted Furniture Ideas for Alcoves

Furnishing Living Room Alcoves

Got an awkwardly shaped room? Maybe you have angled walls, extra-large or extra small alcoves, or super high ceilings? Either way, you know it can be a pain to find the right storage and furniture ideas for alcoves that aren’t a standard size or shape.

So, how do you get around it? You could opt for a quick fix and use some soft furnishings to fill the gap, but if you’re looking for a long-term storage solution that actually maximises your space, then made to measure furniture is the best option!

Alcoves in a living room are often a multi-functional zone – you may keep your TV and home media centres there, along with books, plants, pictures, artwork, and ornaments. When it comes to finding the right furniture ideas for alcoves in your living room, you want to ensure that your design doesn’t take away every element that makes your house a home.

Made to measure shelves – From floating shelves to fitted shelving units, installing made to measure shelving in your living room alcoves is a great way to make the most of your vertical space within a somewhat awkward area. The great thing about shelving is that you can style them to your exact taste, and keep all your pictures, plants, and ornaments on display.

TV storage – Living room furniture ideas for alcoves should be functional and keep a logical flow going through your room. Bespoke fitted TV storage is a smart piece of furniture to style your alcove with; you can enjoy the benefits of a full media-centre, while keeping all your cables and consoles neatly tucked away – ensuring your living room stays tidy and clutter free! As one of the main communal areas of the home, you want to ensure your living room is liveable for everyone in the family – the best way to achieve this by keeping the room comfortable and clutter free.

Multi-purpose cabinets – Furniture ideas for alcoves don’t always have to serve a single purpose. In fact, multifunctional furniture is essential in a living room; particularly in properties where space is limited. Depending on your lifestyle and daily needs, you can transform your alcove into anything from a home office to a reading nook, or even a toy storage space for your kids.

Furnishing Bedroom Alcoves

Furnishing alcoves in a bedroom can be trickier than living rooms, but it’s not impossible!

Typically, furniture ideas for alcoves in bedrooms centre around bespoke fitted wardrobes, or flatpack wardrobes and drawers as a cheaper alternative. Having the right furniture fitted can turn your bedroom into a tranquil space that could be mistaken for a show home.

The difference between a space for sleeping vs. a space for living, is that you have to be a little more intentional with the design and layout of your bedroom. So, you’ll need to consider the purpose and placement of furniture to maintain a calm environment, without losing on the practical aspect that every bedroom needs.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes – fitted wardrobes built directly into your alcoves are a great way to expand your bedroom storage by making the most of the awkward areas. Typically, alcoves with flatpack furniture appear clunky and underutilised – either sticking out further than the chimney wall, or not filling the width or height of the available space! Whether you choose carcass or front-framed wardrobes, by going bespoke you can ensure every inch of your alcoves are used.

Fitted desks and dressing tables – When it comes to furniture ideas for alcoves, desks are a fantastic but often overlooked way to make the most of your space. Although bedrooms are a place of rest and relaxation, people often miss out on adding a practical element to their space. Fitted desks and dressing tables built directly into your bedroom alcoves are the perfect solution for those wanting to combine style with substance in their home.

Drawers and shelving – For a relaxing and clutter-free bedroom, storage is essential. Which means drawers and shelving should be considered just as much as fitted wardrobes for your alcoves! With floating shelves and made to measure drawers, you can keep everything fitted snugly in its place, without messy gaps between the walls and your furniture.

Where to find interior design ideas

Need a little help to find the latest interior design tips and furniture ideas for your alcoves? Pop over for a drink and a chat with our design experts! Free of charge, we’ll talk you through your options, colours, finishes and styles available to your home to help you create the perfect space that reflects your taste and meets your lifestyle needs!


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