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Five Ways You Can Add Space to Your Bedroom

You spend a third of your life in your bedroom, so make it special. Keep your room organised and clutter-free while maintaining all of your storage needs with professionally installed, custom-fitted bedroom furniture.

But that is easier said than done as not everyone has a huge bedroom to fill with everything you might need. However, with these smart organisation tips, you can utilise the existing space to create more storage space in your bedroom.

Ideas to make the most of a small bedroom

Built-in Wardrobe

Reinvent your bedroom with a built-in integrated wardrobe that seamlessly blends into the room’s surroundings. Rather than a bulky wardrobe or clothes rail that stands out from the existing aesthetic, look at getting fitted furniture that is designed and crafted bespoke to your room and needs. These luxury-fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution to increasing your storage options within the bedroom while elevating the overall look. Despite how fitted wardrobes might sound like an expensive investment, it doesn’t have to be. At Deane’s, we have affordable sliding wardrobe options starting under £999. 

Underbed Storage

If you’re constantly battling with your spouse for who gets what room in the wardrobe, it might be time to utilise the unused space under your bed for additional storage room. Multiple styles come with inbuilt storage, such as an Ottoman. However, for a budget alternative to switching out your entire bed, you can instead invest in furniture rises to lift it further from the floor to allow more space underneath for your belongings. 

Use wall space

When you’re struggling to find room for your belongings, it’s important to consider the room’s verticality. Not only will using the walls keep things off the floor to create a less cluttered room that seems bigger, but it offers great space for your possessions. You can achieve this in multiple ways, either floating shelves for a more minimal look or tall cabinets or dressers for more storage. A popular design is overbed furniture storage that uses the otherwise wasted room above where you sleep to create a stylish and functional storage area.


Many of our Deane’s wardrobe designs incorporate mirrors built into their doors to work as a functional piece when getting dressed. This negates the need to have a standing mirror elsewhere in the room that may take up unnecessary space while also creating the illusion of additional space with its reflection, giving the impression of a much larger room than reality. 

Organise your existing storage better

Are you employing every inch of the available storage you have on hand? While not necessarily a way to add any space to your bedroom, organising your existing bedroom’s storage can be a quick and easy win to give yourself more available space for belongings. With Winter approaching, it might be time to relocate some of your summer clothes to make your colder season attire more readily accessible. This includes purging any old stuff that you might be holding on to ‘just in case’ you need it. 

Create a bespoke fitted bedroom specific to your requirements

While you can do some of these yourself, getting a professional to help is ideal when working with awkward rooms and ceiling shapes, as they’re experts at creating the perfect made-to-measure fitted bedroom of your dreams. 

At Deane’s, we specialise in made-to-measure storage solutions that will transform your bedroom into more than just a room to sleep in. Chat with one of our professional designers about your project, and get all your questions answered today.

If you’re still unsure, arrange a showroom visit to get some inspiration on some of the fantastic ways we have created beautiful, bespoke-fitted furniture and how it could translate to your fitted bedroom.


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