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What is the Best Design for Fitted Wardrobes in a Small Room?

When you have a small room, trying to utilise the space effectively can be frustrating, so it doesn’t feel cramped and claustrophobic with all of your possessions. 

A wardrobe can be a great piece of functional furniture that helps reduce clutter; however, having standard non-fitted wardrobes for small rooms can actually add to the restricted feeling. In that case, fitted wardrobes for small rooms are what you want. But what design is best, and what else can be done to utilise the space effectively?

Enhance your small room with fitted furniture

Made-to-measure Wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes for small rooms work best instead of being bulky freestanding units that stick out like a sore thumb and dwarf the space. We can integrate custom-made-to-measure wardrobes into the architecture of any room to fit into tight spaces so they seamlessly blend in with the room’s surroundings. This will ensure no space is wasted, and it is designed and built to the exact measurements of your room, so it looks just like it belongs.

Internally Bespoke

Fitted bedroom furniture will also help reduce the room’s mess, as a cluttered space can shrink it. Instead, you want to neatly organise your belongings and store them away to provide a spacious and airy room. You can internally configure a bespoke fitted wardrobe to your desired specifications; with rails, shelves and drawers, you can make sure it meets your needs to store your clothes and accessories perfectly.

Utilise colours and mirrors

When working with a small room, it’s essential to try and enhance the space as much as you can to give the illusion of more area to work with. You can do this in various ways, including using a mirrored fitted wardrobe to make the room feel twice the size with the reflection. Coupled with bright, neutral colours to help the light bounce around and give an atmosphere of warmth and freedom.

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are very effective at being space-efficient and minimal. Instead of opening outwards into the room, which can take up extra space when in use, they slide horizontally across the wardrobe’s width to provide an opening. Hinged doors can make smaller rooms feel more cramped, so a sliding door is an ideal choice for fitted wardrobes for small rooms. 

Fit into awkward spaces

On top of this, fitted wardrobes can more easily fit into rooms with challenging architecture, such as beams, sloping ceilings and tight nooks. Because of this, these wardrobes are built to be snug into the walls, floor and ceiling of your room to give your more floor space to work with while looking more visually aesthetic. These minimal designs are sleek and modern, giving your room an air of elegance and luxury.

Get Fitted wardrobes for small rooms today

Unlike other companies that use cookie-cutter wardrobes with standard sizes and materials. Our designers, workshop team and installers are dedicated to helping you create your dream space. Producing only the highest quality, fitted furniture to your individual requirements, all at an affordable price.

When it comes to your home, you deserve professionally crafted, bespoke fitted furniture – Deane Wardrobes offer exactly that. If you want to talk to an expert on how to transform your space with fitted wardrobes for small rooms, get in touch today. 

How does getting a fitted wardrobe work?

If you’re unsure what you would like and want some inspiration, download our brochure or visit us in our Fareham showroom, where you can see some great examples of what we can do to enhance your small room with a fitted wardrobe.

Measuring your space beforehand will help our expert designers to walk you through the options available and provide a quote. Alternatively, you can book a home design visit where a team member will come out to your property to create a personalised visualisation of the fitted wardrobe in your small room. If you’re happy with our choices and would like to proceed, place your order, and you can enjoy your new fitted wardrobe in just 4-6 weeks!


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