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New homeowners looking for a more stylish and functional living often start with the centrepiece of every home, the kitchen. 

For those individuals looking for the perfect balance of aesthetic, functionality, and space optimization, a small fitted kitchen would suit them perfectly. The one size fits all idea is not something we look for these days as more and more people are making decisions based on the way space works rather than the way it looks.


If you’re asking, “What is a bespoke kitchen?”, then you’re in for a shock. It refers to the perfect placement of kitchen cabinetry and appliances to perfectly suit your lifestyle and the way you would want to use your kitchen. It’s also a kitchen that is completely optimised for space, which is great for small spaces. Everything is tailor made to your specifications to make the best use of the available space. Homeowners and renovators looking to invest in their home will find many benefits to the bespoke option in a small kitchen; namely an improvement in the daily lives of their families and an increase in the market value of their home.

Before making the investment it’s important to know a few things. Every family has specific needs; some require additional storage or refrigeration space, others require more room to move about while cooking. After taking note of what matters most to you and your family you can begin to focus on the layout and budgeting. When you do reach the point of planning the layout of your fitted kitchen, the only limit is your imagination, but again you want to consider your own needs with regards to space. 

Do you want an island? How do you prefer your utilities and appliances to be arranged? For example, the most popular design of custom fitted kitchens is the triangle design, with the oven, sink, and refrigerator placed close by each other. While this is a popular design, know the options you have available to you.


Renovators can go with an L, I, or U-shaped design.  

L-shaped kitchens are characterized by the main kitchen following the walls and corner(s) of the dwelling while “wrapping” itself around a central island.  It’s a design with plenty of space which is ideal for homeowners with larger families. An I-shape is as simple as its name implies. It’s a single-wall galley which is the perfect small kitchen design for lofts and small apartments, not to mention it’s often the only solution. Finally, there’s the U-shaped fitted kitchen, an ideal choice for the busy foodies and chefs in the family. Similar to the “L” design, the U-shape includes a peninsula as opposed to an island and is designed to keep everything a cook may need within reach. Once you’ve weighed your options, worked out your budget, and picked a design you can customize everything to suit your personal preferences.

So, whether you’re single, moving in for the first time, or married with children, you may find that an investment in a small fitted kitchen could be the perfect thing for your new home. Remember, work out your individual and family dining habits, the space you require and the most efficient use of the space in your home. Once you have the details, you are ready to begin your renovation.  Before long, you’ll have a small kitchen that makes a big conversation piece at your next get together.


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