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Parents are always looking for ways to make their child’s room a great place for them to explore and adventure. This means thinking outside of the box when it comes to colours and textures.

You are also likely to follow the most popular trends in décor for inspiration. More recently the trend in children bedroom design is to incorporate blackboards into the bedroom, allowing your child to express their creativity in their quiet space. These are some great ideas about how to use blackboards in a kid’s bedroom.


One option is to create a framed area in your child’s room. To do this, you can paint the chalkboard paint onto the wall in a large rectangle shape. After it has dried, you can create a wooden frame around the painted shape. This creates the illusion of a classroom style arrangement, should you wish your child to learn at home. When you do this, make sure that you make the bottom frame a little bigger so that it can hold chalk and erasers for the kids.

You can also use the chalkboard paint to make quirky shapes and designs. You could make the paint in the shape of a house or make some other focal point design in the room to draw attention to space, incorporating custom shelves for people to use. You could also put pictures in this space to further draw attention to it. Finally, you could also use stickers or lights to frame the space. 


Rather than just take up a small space on the wall, you can actually paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. This can be used as an accent wall, which also gives your child more space to express themselves creatively. An idea like this can be perfect for most kid’s bedrooms.

Things to remember about using chalkboard paint. 

Chalkboard paint does fade over time from use. It can become a soft gray as a result of the left behind chalk residue. It can also be very messy having a chalkboard paint setup in your child’s room. If you are someone who loves to have a clean home, this is not for you. If the room is carpeted, you should definitely not have a chalkboard paint setup in the room. This is because it can be very difficult to clean up. You should also keep a wiper or eraser nearby to make cleanup an easier task. Finally, you really need to use dust-free chalk for the rooms. This is not just because of the clean factor of the room but also because it is better for their health. 


Chalkboard paint can add personality and creativity to the space for your child. This is important for them because they deserve a quiet space where they can just be themselves. It can add a unique focal point to the space as well, one that your child could utilize to just draw things or even as a learning tool.


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