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If you’re in a rush a messy home would be the last thing you would want to deal with. So why are so many people making do with wardrobes that suit no purpose other than to act as a dumping ground where clothes go to get lost.

A wardrobe interior should reflect your own passion for organization. Whether you like to keep things simple with shelves and rails or go crazy with a custom arrangement including drawers and shoe racks.


At Deane, our philosophy is that your wardrobe needs to suit your lifestyle perfectly. Some people fill their wardrobes with lots of shelves to keep their clothes folded and others with hangers. Some of them make sure that they have enough floor space to stack their boxes. By assessing your needs, like wardrobe interior placements, the number of drawers, shelves etc you can make your bedroom look much tidier and appropriately organized. And this can be achieved with proper wardrobe interior designing. 

Wardrobe Interior designing involves making proper use of empty storage space. So, begin with identifying your needs. Once it is done, start drawing the design by considering all the stuff you ‘want’ to store in and ‘how’ to store it. Like: 

  1. Do you hang your belts or roll them? 
  2. Do you need more hangers or drawers? 
  3. How high you’re hanging storage should be?
  4. Do you prefer open shelves or drawers?
  5. Do you fold your ties?
  6. Need drawers for jewelery?

Try to accommodate everything you want to store. Design your wardrobe into reasonable sections and start creating various design plans. Create as many designs as possible and choose the best one. Depending on the length of the wall, you’ll have to decide how many separate in-built sections you need. 

wardrobeinteriors 1

Now decide what purpose each section needs to serve.  Depending on your requirements, you could choose more hanging storage than shelves and drawers or vice versa. When planning, consider how high you can comfortably reach to store the items you use more often. You don’t want to use a step stool to reach to your shirts every day!

Visualizing the wardrobe before building it could save you from terrible mistakes that you would have not otherwise noticed until the wardrobe was built! So, take a roll of masking tape and apply to both walls and the floor to visualise the space in situ. This will give you the idea of how the storage space will look once completed. Boxes will also give you the real feel for space. 


Once you are satisfied with your design, start looking at colours and styles. Whether you opt for a modern or traditional style the wardrobe can look as beautiful as it is functional. Add the same colour palette to your wardrobe or contrasting shades, just don’t be afraid to experiment. If your room is small, you can make it look bigger by using mirrors.

At Deane, our designers have thought of a solutions to utilize small-spaces for over 30 years. By offering a truly made to measure service whilst inventing clever storage arrangement we have experience in creating space from the most peculiar of spaces. This includes wardrobe interiors that contain drawers, shoe racks and custom shelving to store everything from your socks, ties, bags and other accessories. And yes, you guessed it right- we make it all in house and for any budget.


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