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Carcass Wardrobes vs. Front Framed Wardrobes

When it comes to wardrobes, despite looking the same from the outside, quality overall varies greatly; and you may be paying a bespoke price for a more standard installation. More often than not, if it sounds too good to be true then it generally is; which can explain some price variations from company to company.

All Deane wardrobe installations are bespoke, tailor-made to your measurements; We start making your wardrobes from scratch once your order is placed. This is critical to you getting the custom fit and finish you are looking for as you don’t want standard-sized units that are cut down to fit into your space with bigger fillers than necessary. You will find some companies use misleading messaging when advertising their products. So make sure it’s a genuine ‘made to measure’ service and not just ‘made to fit’.

What Are the Options?

There are two main methods of wardrobe construction. You will find different companies stick to one method, and the quality can vary hugely.

When you’re looking for any kind of new fitted wardrobe solutions, it is also important to understand the way they are constructed or built, instead of finding out when you’re ready to hang your clothes in there!

The two methods of wardrobe construction are either fully carcassed or front framed. Understanding the difference between these methods can help you in your custom wardrobe design journey, as both have benefits.

Carcass Wardrobes

At Deane, we use by default the carcass wardrobe method as it offers the best quality and bespoke storage solution. Our carcass wardrobes are designed and constructed with solid 18mm panels with internal top, bottom, side and back panels. Creating a ‘full carcass’ box like enclosed storage that completely covers all walls, floor, and ceiling within the wardrobe.

With this method, behind every wardrobe door, all internal fittings, shelves and storage layouts are cut to fit perfectly regardless of the width. So, you can tailor the storage space exactly to your needs. As the interior of the wardrobe is completely enclosed it helps to protect your valuable clothes from dust and moths and makes the wardrobe more stable too.

Be aware that materials differ greatly with each supplier. Therefore, check the thicknesses and materials used when getting a quote. You don’t want to find 4mm backs and thin panels are being used that last only a few years. At Deane, every panel, even the backs, are constructed using 18mm materials. This ensures a strong, stable cabinet that stands the test of time.

Front Framed Wardrobes

A front frame method, like the name suggests, is a method that just creates a front frame of the wardrobe. So, this method creates the wardrobe’s doors and supporting frame, with no internal carcass. The noticeable difference here is when you open a front framed wardrobe, you will see your bedroom walls. You can still add the storage solutions you require for your clothes and items; they just won’t be enclosed internally compared to carcass wardrobes. We use this method most often where there are limitations to putting huge carcasses, like around a beam, or into a ceiling wedge, or when getting the massive panels up tight stairs such a loft rooms present a problem.

Typically, front framed wardrobes are installed as part of our sliding door systems, as the large doors are best fitted straight to the floor and ceiling for stability, and it keeps the cost affordable too. However, with no back or side panels, walls often need to be prepped before the wardrobe is fitted. Also, consider you may have to paint the walls inside your wardrobe too if you ever come to redecorate your bedroom!

Which Option Suits You?

We can build wardrobes with each method, depending on the installation and client preferences, however, in our opinion, carcass wardrobes provide the neatest, strongest and most long-lasting solution for built-in wardrobes with traditional hinged doors.

Regardless, our expert designers can design made to measure wardrobes that truly complements your unique space, and can knowledgeably advise you on the options. We will recommend the best solution for your storage needs, design requirements and to align with your budget.

You can book a free virtual design appointment and we can help you discover your options and best solutions for your fitted furniture storage solutions!


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