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How Much Does a Built-In Wardrobe Cost

Built-in wardrobes offer a wide range of advantages over a free-standing alternative. Namely, it maximises available space by utilising existing architecture to fit storage into awkward spaces. It also means you can complement the current interior design more easily, matching the room’s decor with materials and colours. As well as this, you can create custom internal configurations to best suit your individual needs. 

Despite these benefits and many more, the thought of bespoke built-in wardrobe designs can still be offputting because of the assumption of their price. But how much exactly will a built-in wardrobe cost you?

What do you need to consider for a built-in wardrobe?

Custom built-in wardrobes come in many different sizes, styles and materials – all of which you’ll need to consider as they’re aspects that will affect the price.

Your available wardrobe space

To start, it’s essential that you measure the available space as the size of your project will significantly impact the cost of your storage transformation. One of our friendly bedroom furniture designers can then walk you through the options and prices based on the dimensions you’re working with.

The materials used

At Deane’s, we use only the highest quality materials available to ensure they have a long lifespan and are able to withstand excessive use! Every wardrobe we create is handmade and assembled at our workshop in Fareham. Our craftsmen construct your made-to-measure furniture using the best quality materials precisely to your storage needs and design.

What wardrobe style are you after?

There are many different wardrobe styles to choose from, which can change both their aesthetic and functionality. Each option will be better suited to someone’s needs. Traditional hinged wardrobe doors offer improved visibility enabling you to view the entire contents when both doors are open, allowing you to make faster and easier choices of what to wear on a morning! 

Whereas sliding door wardrobes cannot have a full view of the contents at one time but can offer a mirror on one of the doors to assist with getting dressed as well as helping bounce sunlight around the room and increase the perceived size of the space.

Generally split into 2 or 3 sliding sections, the sliding style will typically set you back more because of the complexity of the design.

Internal Configuration

The purpose and functionality of your built-in wardrobe come down to its storage capabilities. It’s important to think about the shelves, hanging rails and drawers you may want to have. Our designers will work with you to create a bespoke interior that will suit your daily lifestyle to make it.

Deane’s Affordable Built-In Wardrobes

When you consider all of the above facts and factor in the materials, design time, manufacturing and labour costs, it’s no wonder you’d assume that a built-in wardrobe would be a costly investment.  

Surprisingly, regardless of the bespoke nature of having a wardrobe custom-made to the measurements of your home, at Deane Wardrobes, we offer affordable built-in wardrobe options that are still crafted to the highest quality. Our range of solutions starts at as little as £999, which is a great entry point for a stylish solution for your storage needs.

Come and visit our Fareham-based showroom for inspiration on what we can achieve for you. After this, we can get proceed with a preliminary, no obligation, no hassle design appointment at your home. If you’re happy to go ahead and place an order, your installer will arrive within 4-6 weeks to hand build your wardrobe for you, usually in just one day.


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