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Are Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes Old Fashioned?

Fitted bedroom wardrobes have been around for many years. They were popular in the 1800s, and they are still popular in many modern bedrooms today.

Over time, bespoke fitted bedroom furniture has evolved, with continued innovative design, structure, and functionality. From sleek aesthetics to bespoke craftsmanship, storage solutions have never been better. Discover why fitted wardrobes are so popular, and how modern-day design has enhanced such an iconic concept.

Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Fitted storage solutions have fast become a key component of any bedroom. They help keep your clothes organised, tidy and easily accessible. When it comes to bedroom storage, bespoke is best – fitted furniture provides many more benefits than clothes storage, including:

Provides Efficient Storage and Style

Fitted bedroom wardrobes are a great way to create storage space in a small room. They also offer the benefit of giving your bedroom an organised and sophisticated look, which is why they have become popular in recent years.

The idea behind fitted wardrobes is that instead of having drawers or shelves to store clothing, you have one large wardrobe. This is how clothes can be hung from racks and folded into drawers on either side. This style has been around for centuries but was mostly used by royalty; until recently when it started trending again with those who want modern convenience without sacrificing fashion and organisation.

Look at some of our sliding wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and fitted bedroom pages to see more inspiration.

Fitted Wardrobes Protect Your Clothes

The first reason that people loved fitted wardrobes is that they protect clothes from dust and other particles floating through the air. In contrast, most contemporary bedrooms provide no protection for your clothing which is why fitted wardrobes were a very successful design.

Dust is one of the biggest problems for clothing, so with this in mind, it becomes easy to see why people loved their fitted wardrobes!

Suit Your Lifestyle and Needs

Fitted wardrobes are designed to suit lifestyles and personal preferences, whether it be a large or small space. The design allows for one less piece of furniture in the bedroom, which means more floor space, helping to make your bedroom feel larger.

Less Expense

Fitted bedroom wardrobes are a cost-effective option for people in search of new furniture that is built to last. Unlike flatpack furniture, which tends to break due to cheaper materials, bespoke fitted furniture is crafted at the highest quality. So, you don’t need to worry about the cost of re-purchasing items and replacing your storage.

The longevity of fitted furniture is not the only financial benefit. Installing bespoke furnishings throughout your home can help to increase the overall value and rentability of your property, making fitted furniture a fantastic investment piece for your home.

Get Your Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe at Deane

At Deane, we provide a made to measure service. If you have any awkward nooks and crannies, sloping ceilings and walls, we can and build your bespoke fitted wardrobe around them! To make the interior of your wardrobe more interesting, perhaps think about some extra storage space to see how far you can push your ideas.

When you are choosing your designs, you should be passionate about what you are imagining and the practicality too. Reflecting yourself in your bedroom is one of the most important things for us – we love a challenge!

Where Do You Begin?

Fitted wardrobes are still a popular design choice for bedrooms and will be around for years to come. Whatever you want, we can deliver!

Get in touch with us to arrange a time to pop into our showroom in Fareham and we can have a cuppa and chat about your ideas and inspiration with one of our designers.


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