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Follow these 5 steps to create well designed fitted bedroom. By following these steps you will be able to achieve a great level of storage without using a great deal of floor space.


The secret to a great floor space is to have the most used areas to one side of the room. 

Many new hotels and housing developers do this very well, which is why most new houses have the entrance door and the en suite on the same side of the room. This creates a channel for movement and a separate area for relaxing and sleep.

Tip: To save on space, pay attention to where the bathroom is located. Organise the room circulation so the en suite and high use clothing can be accessed easily in a single area of the room. This way the sleeping area is unaffected as the circulation space is simple. This will make your room feel larger. Our designers always make a mental note of where you spend most of your time, generally near the entrance door and ensuite. Once you understand this path everything else will fall into place. 

bespoke bedroom
bespoke bedrooms

We find clients commonly overlook the view out of their windows when they design their bedroom. 

A bedroom always feels more inviting when the layout is designed using a backdrop. Whether it be a great landscape or your back garden try to come up with a design that’s focused on the vista.

As a rule we avoid looking straight at the bed when you walk into a room. 

Tip: If you are looking for a new bedroom layout design your room with the window in mind. If there is a great view out your window use it to your advantage.


It’s always a good feeling when your bedroom door can be left open without giving up all of your privacy. As a result our designers try to avoid having the bed directly in view when you walk into the room.

Tip: Aim to make your room a private space. With the exception of children’s bedrooms you can make your room discrete by simply avoiding your bed being in view of the door.

custom fitted wardrobe
4/5. LIGHT IT UP. 
custom fitted wardrobe

Light is a very important factor when designing a great bedroom. Factor in where the natural light is most used and position the bed and storage units around this spot.

Tip: Make a note of where the natural light is focusing and build your room around it. It is always recommended to avoid tall wardrobes and top box units near your windows however use the darker areas of the room as your available storage spaces.


Great design takes time and patience. We always advise our clients to understand their requirements in full prior to a new design. This can be as simple as needing somewhere to plug in your electrics in the morning or where the TV is positioned.

Tip: Make a list of 3 must have requirements and make sure these are taken into account when the design is completed. A space that functions well and is easy to maintain is a lot less work. A functional design built around your trends and requirements can last years, so why rush, take your time and enjoy the process

custom fitted wardrobe


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