The brief from a valued client for her beautiful Chichester new build – ‘can you fit out my family room like this?’. At which point she showed Julia a Pinterest photograph beautifully staged in the way that leaves most of us drooling for a bigger house, preferably just off the French Riviera. 

To our client’s delight, we have already fitted out her dressing rooms and bedrooms so she trusted us to come through with a design that was near to her perfect picture.

This is the result, Pippy Oak flush cupboards turned horizontally for a bit of extra modern sharpness, teamed with glorious Perfect Sense panelling in Ultramatt Dark Grey, smooth and velvety to the touch. Wall hung units help to maintain floor space in the room.

Our Client has dressed the room skilfully and comfortably, and she describes it as ‘a triumph!’ Job well done, Julia.

Only at Deane will you find this amount of choice and flexibility, with a flexible designer to help you achieve the look you want to create but don’t know how. 

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