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Carcass & Front Framed Wardrobes

When manufacturing bespoke fitted wardrobes, there are two main methods of construction; Carcass and Front Framed.

Each method offers its own purpose and benefit. At Deane we offer both options, so you can invest in a bespoke storage solution that truly fits your home and lifestyle needs.

Want to discuss the right fitted furniture and storage options for your home? Book a free consultation and our wardrobe design experts will be happy to help.

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Carcass Wardrobes

At Deane, Carcass wardrobes are the default option as they offer the best quality, construction and overall internal and external aesthetic.

Designed with solid 18mm panels, as well as internal top, bottom, side and back panels. This method of wardrobe construction creates a “full carcass” that covers all flooring and walls; offering continuity and craftsmanship that fits seamlessly with your individual storage requirements and design needs.

Carcass wardrobes from Deane are all constructed using 18mm thick materials to ensure your fitted storage solution is strong, stable and can stand the test of time.

Front Framed Wardrobes

As the name suggests, front framed wardrobes create a front frame of the wardrobe. We create bespoke wardrobe doors and a supporting frame for your new fitted storage solution.

This method does not include an internal carcass, meaning you will see your walls and flooring when you open the wardrobe. However, we can still install the storage solutions you require, including rails and shelving; they just won’t be internally enclosed. 

Front framed wardrobes are typically the best option for sliding wardrobes or fitting bespoke storage in unusual areas or areas that are limited for space.

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We build bespoke wardrobes using both options – it all depends on your individual requirements and style preferences.

For more information on our Carcass and Front Framed wardrobe options, get in touch or book a free consultation with out design experts. We’re happy to help advise you on the best options and ensure your bespoke storage meets your personal requirements and aligns with your budget.

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