Why are fitted wardrobes making a comeback

As much as catalogue furniture is getting more of a staple part of any redecoration project fitted bedroom furniture is becoming more popular than ever, while standalone wardrobes are becoming increasingly less popular as the years go on. 

While catalogue furniture was once the easiest route to achieving the look you are after, more people are now considering practicality over style. Sure, these quick and easy solutions can be purchased off the shelf and put together, all within the same day, they are frustrating consumers when it comes to bespoke options. 

As house and rent prices are on the up and living space is at an all-time low – especially if you’re living in the hustle and bustle of the city, we know that standalone wardrobes just aren’t practical anymore. This is why fitted wardrobes are all the rage right now, and are finally making a well-deserved comeback. 

With TV programmes such as Grand Design and £100k showing inspirational transformations more people than ever are thinking about making use of every part of their homes, including the bedroom.

Freestanding furniture is becoming the “make do” bedroom solution whereas fitted wardrobes are now the “must have” addition to any bedroom project. 

Why Fitted Wardrobes?

If you’re thinking about adding some fitted wardrobes to your bedroom and need some convincing, here are some of the best reasons to help you make your decision. 

They maximise your space

If space is your enemy then these are your saviour. Put down the measuring tape. No longer will you need to take it with you on every wardrobe shopping trip to ensure you have room for each piece of furniture, as fitted wardrobes are designed specifically with you, and more importantly your space, in mind. No longer will you face the problem of only having room for one and a half wardrobes, and going through the internet to try and find a wardrobe that fits your awkwardly shaped bedroom. 

With fitted wardrobes, everything is simple, easy and manageable. Fitted wardrobes are made bespoke to your needs and designed to suit your taste.

There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place

Organisation is a must with any storage solution so why should your wardrobe be any different? Fitted wardrobes eliminate the need to have separate shoe racks or boxes scattered around the room, apartment or house. Instead, working with a professional company to ensure there is space for all of your belongings is the best step you can take to maximise your space and organise your life. The same goes for drawers and bedsides, with additional storage options to suit every requirement you can save on space by eliminating the need for a chest of drawers and even bedside units. As fitted wardrobes are designed with you and all your storage needs in mind, the possibilities are endless! 

They effortlessly match your décor

If you’ve already decided on a theme and colour scheme for your bedroom and really have your heart set on a duck egg shabby chic look, then you’re already really limiting your search when it comes to finding a wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes can be designed and customised to suit each individual, which makes decorating your bedroom the way you always dreamed a piece of cake. And if you want to be really organised, you can even find matching bedroom units in the same design to complement your new fitted wardrobes. These include side drawer units, bookcases, shelves, TV stands, dressing tables, mirrors, and so much more. 

They are easier to clean and maintain

Having fitted wardrobes means that you won’t be tempted to shove unwanted items at the top of them, only to collect dust as the years go on. And speaking of dust, having fitted wardrobes means you’ll have no dead areas; So fewer corners and edges to dust and polish, meaning less housework from you. And that can only be a good thing!