Our Handy Kitchen Layout Guide

Within any kitchen, you should always consider the effective "work triangle". This keeps the three key appliances appropriately spaced. The fridge, oven/hob, and the sink are then designed within handy, unobstructed reach of each other, and allows efficient and easy food preparation, storage, cooking and washing.

U-Shaped Kitchen

Ideal for two cooks. Floor area should be at least 8ft x 8ft. Mark areas for food prep, cooking and cleaning up. Keep paths obstacle free. place the sink opposite or near to the cooking area. Avoid boxed in looks by using bright and neutral colours.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Perfect for studio apartments. Keep the kitchen work triangle in tact. Avoid darker colours as it creates bold edges, making the area look cramped. Use appropriate lighting to open up dark corners. Designate the longer areas for meal preparation. Free up counter space by using wall-mounted cabinets.

Kitchen Island Plan

Divides a larger kitchen into efficient, smaller working areas. Provide enough space for a walk way. Plan according to island's main function. Islands can be the main social space in the kitchen. Match island with the rest of the kitchen design. Place pendant lighting above the island

Peninsula Kitchen or G Shaped

Use peninsula as breakfast corner. Maximise storage. Separate food preparation, cooking and clean-up areas. Group tall appliances together. Don't Break the kitchen work triangle.

Galley Kitchen

Great space savers! Have enough space for appliance doors to open. install zone lighting. Keep refrigerator and sink together. Add oven and hob on opposite side. Use wall cabinets or shelving for extra storage. Use pull out racks for storage.

One-Wall Kitchen

Allows for efficient work-flow. Place sink in between the refrigerator and oven. Most affordable layout. Add a dining table or island if space permits. Make use of additional storage facilities. Consider splash backs for more visual appeal.

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