The Costs And Trends In Modern Interior Design


Learn about the costs and trends in modern day interior design

An interior designer needs to be an expert in more than colour, fabrics, and furniture. They are both the ideas makers and the artist all mixed in together. They need to know everything from material strengths and wear, electrical capacities, construction techniques and should know how to budget, communicate well with clients and manage a project from start to finish.

UK Interior Design Industry Overview

Annual Revenue IN 2015 - £3.6b
Employment - 9,395 Designers
Businesses - 5,543 Companies

London has the highest number of interior design firms in the UK with 230+ Companies.

How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

Flat Rate - Client and designer agree on a price up-front.
Commission - Most designers charge a 30-35% commission on items they purchase for clients.
Hourly Rate - Rates can range from £50 - £500 an hour (dependant on experience and location)

Top 3 Most Popular Rooms To Renovate:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bedroom
  3. Living Space

Top Interior Design Trends for the next 12 months:

  1. Shades Of Grey & Midnight Blues
  2. Cosy Knitted Foot Stools
  3. Vintage Items
  4. Murals
  5. Rattan Furniture
  6. DIY Projects
  7. Statement Pieces
  8. Custom Scents
  9. Open Plan Living
  10. Made to Measure Furniture

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