Achieve Maximum Storage in Your Home

Here at Deane we love to create a ton of storage space from otherwise unused area, such as an angled ceiling or loft bedroom.

With a completely in house made to measure service we can literally design any unit at any size. 

With a large choice of colours and styles we can quickly and easily design and install custom storage to any room in your home.

 fitted wardrobes into angled ceiling

Bespoke Storage Solutions, Built from Scratch 

At Deane we have the design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to design and install custom furniture which most other companies cannot.

Many of our clients approach us with an idea in mind but have been told time and time again that it will simply not work.

It is a great feeling when you explain that due to the design freedom at Deane we can not only manufacture and install their storage ideas but we can also make slight changes to greatly increase the amount of possible storage. 

We have a tailored no hassle sales approach which allows our customers to achieve their storage ambitions easily and with no fuss. Come chat to us today

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