5 Stylish Ideas And Ways To Dress Your Window

Window storage is big news in 2016, with most interior designers using inbuilt storage to create function solutions for a clutter-free look.

Natural light is a must in any modern home so the window is not just there to bring natural light in the home but to also offer a unique flair to your space. They are also there to add visual interest to space.

Dressing windows can be a difficult task for some but one that can really transform the space. There are actually several things that you can do in order to maximize the space by dressing up your window or adding some visual interest to space when you dress up the window. These are some amazing tips that will help you turn your space into something better just by dressing up your window.

1. Add Some Seating or Storage

Sometimes there is a limited amount of space in a room, whether it is a bedroom, office, or living room. You can get around this by adding a nice seating area in the window that includes storage underneath the seating bench. This area could also just be a storage area without a seating bench but rather just a storage area with books on it. There are a lot of other things that can be done with this little area.

2. Style Up Your Space

If you do add window seating or window storage, you can really get creative with the look of the space. You can choose a variety of fabrics for the seating cushion and choose different styles of storage. These are things that you can add into the overall look of the room.

3. Window Fixtures

You can actually get very stylish window fixtures that you can add to the space. Curtain rods come in all types of styles, guaranteeing that you are going to find something that fits your style. Having a visual interest in your home is very important to you and something that you are careful to pick out to make your home as individual as you are.

4. You Have Options

There are actually quite a few options as to what you can do for your window. You could choose a roman shade for the room which can do a great job of blocking out the light when you want to. These also come in a variety of different styles and color schemes, giving a lot of creative liberties for your space. You could also choose stylish curtains and blinds as a way to decorate your space.

5. Do Some Mixing and Matching

Having windows that are dressed with only blinds or only curtains can be very boring. For optimal style in your space, you should combine blinds and curtains to add more visual interest from this space. This can also give you the chance to control the amount of light that enters into the space.

Windows are amazing features of the home. They can add a great deal of style to any space while also offering ways to maximize the space by offering more storage and seating. By following some of these tips on dressing up your space, you will really see a change in the feel of your home.