How To Use Feng Shui In The Bedroom


Feng shui is a complex system of laws which reveal how to balance the energies of any given space. Designed to create a preferred spatial arrangement feng shui is the flow of energy that effects are taken into account when arranging a room or living area.

create harmony within your bedroom

Which colours to use?.

Colours affect the atmosphere of any living space. Find out which colour to use in your own bedroom space.

Green - Using any shade of green within the bedroom adds a calming effect which helps create a relaxing atmosphere within the bedroom.

Blue - Combining shades of blue within your bedroom creates a cool and chilled atmosphere. 

Yellow - Any shade of yellow within the bedroom is very stimulating. A fairly fiery colour yellow can create an aire of restlessness should you spend too long in your bedroom.

Red - Red is typically a colour that is associated with love and romance. Using any shade of red will create a romantic aura. 

Fend Shui Bedroom

What is Chi?


Chi is a concept that has its origins in early Chinese philosophy; meaning energy. Chi is also thought of as life force.- the life giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit.


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