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This is often how conversations start in our showroom.

These very symmetry conscious clients had something very specific in mind for this space. The slope in the ceiling with the rising height presented a challenge when it came to finding furniture to fit. We relished the task of helping them achieve exactly what they wanted In colour, style, and price. They were able to use a mixture of Dakar Grey and Winchester Oak with a modern shape drawer front to match their homes unique character, as can be seen by the matching chair! Although the design looks simple, the important thing is that it is exactly what they wanted, without compromise.

We have over 30 wood, plain and textured colours to choose from and the ability to mix carcase and door colours gives endless options. There are even paintable doors to really make your furniture unique – how about plum or anthracite? All with a comparable price tag to other, more standardised companies, why wouldn’t you visit Deane to test whether we can provide what no one else can, but is your hearts desire?

 Fitted Home Office

‘Hi Kat

Thought I would send you pics of our units. They are exactly as I wished, the installation went without a hitch and the cupboards have since been filled and the desk is in use, as you can see our dining room chair is a match. Thank you very much for your efforts to ensure the project would be successful.

Kindest regards

S and G, the clients from hell !’ (They really wrote that!)