Bedding is something that is commonly overlooked so this month we have compiled 5 super simple tips for choosing bedding that you’ll use again and again.

For something that is a fairly big part of your lifestyle good bedding can make a world of difference in 

1. Invest in good bedding. As a society we are all about budget-friendly decorating and creative do-it-yourself techniques, but when choosing bedding there is a massive difference between expensive sheets and the more cheaper options.

Itchy, low quality bed sheets are no fun when you have had a long day and all you want to do is settle into a good night sleep! Good quality bedding can make the world of difference to your life and by investing in a quality set of bedding you will not regret it.

2. Check the thread count. If you have ever wondered what this is the thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a single square inch of fabric.

Most bed sheets are in the 200 thread count range, whilst higher quality bed sheets can be as much as 250 – 300. As a rule the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the bedding is.

3. Add some Interest. If like most you commonly buy a nice set of white bed sheets why not look to add something of interest, after all plain bedding can be a little boring. 

Consider something with texture. Adding a new throw, pillows, blankets, etc can help. Choosing bedding that has some colour and texture to it adds interest to any bed…and if you need more of an incentive, it won’t show wrinkles either!

4. Mix patterns and styles. For a more chic style a bed always looks more attractive if it has a mix of patterns and styles built in.

Most of us use a mix of different bedding, rarely using all of the same set when changing the sheets. With this in mind why should we think any different.

If your bedding is patterned already we think it’s kind of boring to just use the matching throw and cushions. Switching up your bedding accessories on occasion will certainly make your bed feel more inviting without having to buy a whole new set of bedding!

5. Corner Ties. An easy and effective way to avoid the dreaded duvet shift. This simple option allows you to tie the corners of the duvet to the inside of the duvet cover.

This is a small detail that can certainly make a a big difference. The thought of smoothing out the duvet within the cover can be irritating so this small addition can make the world of difference.

You’ll be grateful every morning when you make the bed!

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